Facebook sucks!

Ok let me be clear here… I am not saying Facebook is trash or Facebook is dead. It’s just that Facebook has lost its appeal to me. After more than 5 years of “Facebooking,” it has not helped me become closer to my friends and family, and it has not helped me reconnect with my college buddies.

In fact, the reverse has happened:

  • College and highschool buddies have forgotten about you. After reconnecting and retelling those old college tales, the disconnect sets in and you both realize that your world has fallen far apart in the past 10 years
  • Facebook definitely helps rekindle family and blood bonds specially those separated by distance but this may turn out to be bad Facebook actually becomes a poor substitute for phone calls and family visits. Now, you just need to message or post a wall comment on somebody’s birthday and you’re done. What happened to the phone call. the personal greetings?