Sexy Frozen Halloween Custom by Yandy

These are trending sexy costumes this Halloween 2014. Inspired by the movie Frozen.


Egotism in Facebook Selfie Posts

I don’t get it, and I’m sick of it. Selfie posts on Facebook are getting out of control! I see selfies everyday and it’s just the same faces being posted all the time — just different angles and different locations.

But look now, it appears selfies are now serving a social purpose. According to this article in the Times of India, “from being a precursor of self-obsession, the much-talked-about selfie is now foraying into spreading awareness about social causes like animal rights,education for the girl child and more.”

Well OK, granted selfies are now being used for social causes, still WTF! I’m sick and tired of the same faces on my Facebook newsfeed. This is just egotism on Facebook.


Why I love Free Single Dating Sites


There are an unlimited range of options for dating websites out there, and one of the options is free single dating sites. Single dating websites were made for people who are single (some married people are there too!:)  and who are looking for short-term or long term dating options as an outcome. What makes these totally free single dating sites distinct is the reality that you can sign up for totally complimentary, and afterwards can create your compete profile free of cost too.

Something that you have to keep in mind when it concerns this alternative method to find dates online is that a lot of complimentary single dating websites restrict a few of their other services. For instance, some single dating websites let you develop a profile for entirely totally free, and you can browse other profiles totally free, however if you attempt to interact with someone on the website you will certainly be asked to upgrade to a paid dating site account.

Still, you can understand that this alternative method to discover dates online does not need to be the only solution. There are single dating websites that are definitely complimentary to all of their users, without any hidden costs or odd constraints to their services. These single dating sites are based on the concept that no person should be prevented from finding their ideal mate. Since single dating sites are an outstanding solution for people planning to meet brand-new pals and potential suitors, they do not limit their features to individuals simply due to the fact that they can not afford much better, more pricey subscriptions.

There are a great deal of note worthy totally free single dating websites out there, like and which are the most preferred complimentary online dating sites today. Many of them provide totally free services to their registered members., which launched in 1997, has even more than 2 million clients, and provides a hassle-free option for people who are looking to meet likeminded people in their area without stressing over security of meeting complete strangers in real life. By providing a safe and free method for individuals to discover pals and possible dates, these totally free single dating websites are an excellent option online, connecting people together from all walks of life and connecting numerous satisfied couples at the same time.

Many single dating sites provide 100 percent access to their services either free of charge or for a nominal charge. Exactly what this usually depends upon is how the single dating site is getting its profits. Some dating sites make all their earnings from subscription fees, while others have sponsors and advertisers that contribute sufficient money for the dating site to run smoothly.

There are dating sites that meet various needs, some of which are complimentary and a few of which are not, and it is eventually up to you which single dating sites you decide to invest your time on and which you choose will certainly not produce the outcomes that you are trying to find.

By Shane Owens, dating advisor at Insider Dating Tips

Why I use name labels

Paper nametag inserts allow you to invest in high numbers of name labels for your conference, meeting or registration. A good store will ensure that the paper weight for its name labels is at its optimum for crumple-free assembly, as well as making sure that the correct number of perforations are made so that they are easy to tear and do not jam the printer. Crisp, smudge-free printing can also be achieved with the use of higher quality paper.A good online store should be able to offer inserts by size, vertical and agenda inserts, colored and color bar inserts, stick-on nametags, specialty size inserts, agenda and ticket forms, full color inserts and badge accessories.

Preferred and standard holders

Among the range of preferred holders that a company sells, there should be vinyl name tag holders that have an oversized design that holds more information for effective networking, or indeed that offers more room on the back for agendas and schedules. They should also come with the option for thicker vinyl to extend the nametag’s useful life, and may also have a versatile attachment that allows the name tag to work with O-ring lanyards.

Imprinted lanyards

A lanyard will last far beyond your meeting or other event, making it a great way of giving your company name and sponsor prolonged exposure through the lanyard’s continued use by your former guests to carry car keys, work I.D. and other items.

A company’s range of imprinted lanyards could include full color lanyards, 1-3 color imprint lanyards, retractable badge reels, specialty lanyards and no spin lanyards, in addition to more environmentally friendly options.

Un-imprinted necklaces

These are the low cost alternative to custom lanyards. Choices include economical twisted rayon cords and elastic cords in addition to gold-toned lobster claw neck chains. A good online store’s range may include elastic neck cords, metal neck chains, sporty necklaces, budget necklaces and more eco-friendly alternatives.

Nametag ribbons

Name badge ribbons are ideal as a way of instantly identifying important attendees, giving exposure to a valued sponsor or just giving guests something more lighthearted to wear than conventional straight-laced name labels.

Popular types include vertical tail-type ribbons, ribbon organizers, roll ribbons, woven logo ribbons, flag-a-ribbon awards and full color ribbons.

Name badge organizers

Also available are nametag organizers, including organizers for holders, organizers for agenda holders or pouches, name tag trays, name tag kits, organizers for meetings with fewer than 60 attendees, organizers for larger meetings and ribbon organizers.

Name badge pouches

Name badge pouches allow attendees to promote their name and details while also having somewhere to keep pens, business cards and other important items as they network. They come with features such as elastic pen loops and adjustable neck cords, and types of these name labels are available to suit a wide range of budgets.

Eco friendly name labels

These name labels allow you to benefit from emphasizing your company’s level of social responsibility. They can also often be purchased at barely any greater expense than normal name labels.

Name labels

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Facebook sucks!

Ok let me be clear here… I am not saying Facebook is trash or Facebook is dead. It’s just that Facebook has lost its appeal to me. After more than 5 years of “Facebooking,” it has not helped me become closer to my friends and family, and it has not helped me reconnect with my college buddies.

In fact, the reverse has happened:

  • College and highschool buddies have forgotten about you. After reconnecting and retelling those old college tales, the disconnect sets in and you both realize that your world has fallen far apart in the past 10 years
  • Facebook definitely helps rekindle family and blood bonds specially those separated by distance but this may turn out to be bad Facebook actually becomes a poor substitute for phone calls and family visits. Now, you just need to message or post a wall comment on somebody’s birthday and you’re done. What happened to the phone call. the personal greetings?