(Photo) Scary Collection Scary image

Some frightening photos:
Terrifying Compilation
Photo by iAMmeViewLearn more …

(Photo) St. Kevin’s Church And Churchyard Is Haunted and Cursed Haunted image

Some haunted images:
St. Kevin’s Church And Churchyard Is Haunted and Cursed
Image by infomatique
Next door to Kevin Street College there is a little public park consisting of St. Kevin’s Church and Churchyard. I studied electronics and telecommunications for five years at Kevin StreetRead more…

News: Paper planes, parents help Indian pupils outsmart state exams

PATNA, India (Reuters) – Images of Indian students blatantly cheating on school-leaving examinations under the noses of supervisors have gone viral, inviting ridicule on Twitter and exposing flaws in the much-maligned education system of an impoverished eastern state.

Reuters: Oddly Enough

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(Photo) Disney – Pet Cemetery Toad Haunted image

Some haunted images:
Disney – Pet Cemetery Toad
Image by Express Monorail
This is a picture of Mr. Toad, from the pet cemetery at the Haunted Mansion. This is at the Magic Kingdom of Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. As you exit the attraction look up and to the left and all the wayRead more…

(Photo) Haunted house sign Haunted image

A couple of troubled photos I discovered:
Spooked home indication
Photo by Jason Street
Brian did a good work routing web traffic to the sweet dish, that included this practical indicator.Find out more …

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(Photo) Insane Clown Scary image

Check out these scary images:
Insane Clown
Image by Freaktography
Deep in the basement level of an abandoned Psychiatric facility sits a long forgotten bowling alley with this painting of a clown. I’m sure this terrifying image made their conditions much much better!!
www.freaktography.caRead more…

News: Nevada lawmaker wants medical marijuana for pets

(Reuters) – A Nevada lawmaker proposed a bill in the state legislature on Tuesday that would grant ailing pets access to medical marijuana.

Reuters: Oddly Enough

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(Photo) Scary Portraits Scary image

A few scary images I found:
Scary Portraits
Image by MTSOfan
Day two hundred fifty/365. Scary portraits can be found everywhere. They’re painted respectfully to honor founding figures, donors, board members, retired CEO’s . . .many people of influence and benevolence.
But, they’re scary!Read more…

(Photo) 283/365 – Her Favorite White Dress Scary image

A couple of terrifying pictures I discovered:
283/365 – Her Fave White Gown
Photo by Helga Weber
I enjoy all my images from today since you cannot see my face!Learn more …

Nice Amazing photos

Some cool Amazing images:

The Amazing Johnny Eck And Baltimore Screen Paintings At MICA

Image by A.Currell

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