(Photo) Winter is Coming Scary image

A couple of terrifying photos I discovered:
Winter season is Coming
Picture by Stuck in Traditions
I drove the lengthy method from Akureyri to Reykjavik and also took means way too much time decreasing side street to take photos, yet it constantly settled …
This photo was taken prior to I picked up the evening in Stadarskali, an extremelyFind out more …

(Photo) Haunted house Haunted image

Some haunted images:
Haunted house
Image by a_margaRead more…

News: Time stands still in Japan’s village of scarecrows

NAGORO, Japan (Reuters) – Tsukimi Ayano made her first scarecrow 13 years ago to frighten off birds pecking at seeds in her garden. The life-sized straw doll resembled her father, so she made more. And then couldn’t stop.

Reuters: Oddly Enough

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(Photo) Haunted Mansion dining room concept art by Marc Davis Haunted image

A couple of spooked photos I located:
Troubled Manor eating space idea fine art by Marc Davis
Picture by Tom SimpsonLearn more …

Cool Amazing images

A few nice Amazing images I found:

Amazing Buckets of Death

Image by j.miner

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(Photo) Come visit the Haunted Caves Of Marathon Caye! Haunted image

Some haunted images:
Come visit the Haunted Caves Of Marathon Caye!
Image by CranstonYordstorm
Shay and I introduce our annual Halloween offering, this time in a cave environment. Come visit for a spooky good time!
Taken at The Haunted Caves Of Marathon Caye, Vision (52, 94, 2119)Read more…

(Photo) Haunted Mansion portraits Haunted image

Check out these haunted images:
Haunted Mansion portraits
Image by Tom SimpsonRead more…

News: British police hunt thieves who stole 38 pythons

LONDON (Reuters) – British police said on Monday they were hunting for thieves who broke into an apartment in northwest England and stole 38 Royal Python snakes.

Reuters: Oddly Enough

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(Photo) Scary image

Have a look at these terrifying photos:
Picture by Stephanie MassaroLearn more …

(Photo) Haunting Figures Haunted image

Some spooked pictures:
Haunting Numbers
Picture by Kurayba
Heritage Celebration 2012Learn more …

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